20 March 2012

News from Nowhere online

The illustrated online text of Morris’s News from Nowhere is now updated and available at http://www.uiowa.edu/~wmorris/NewsFromNowhere/.

The online version is designed to help students and others visualize Guest’s London and his travels through Nowhere. What did the subway which Guest so hated look like in 1890? The Hammersmith Bridge of the time? Thornycroft’s factory? The Houses of Parliament? Westminster Abbey? Trafalgar Square? What was the “Guest House”? The “Old House for New Folk”? The scenes which the rowers viewed as they followed the Thames upriver? The likely site of the final feast in the small country church?

This edition is designed to make Morris’s critique of the old world and vision of the new more accessible and enjoyable for 2012 readers. We welcome comments and suggestions for additions, which should be sent to florence-boos@uiowa.edu.

1 comment:

ianmac55 said...

A lovely work!

I like the illustrations of the mind's eye best - but the ones here are a close second. If you haven't been to the Ponte Vecchio, or didn't know that Colney Hatch was a lunatic asyslum, then these illustrated annotations are a real help.

Among the first illustrations, however, is the one of the Underground and I think this must be a picture from the 1860s (spacious platforms, ladies in crinolines) rather than the late 1880s or early 1890s when the platforms would have beeen crowded and the carriages as full as today's. A photo of a tube interior today during the rush hour would be closer to Morris's barbed sentence!

But it all helps!